Are McDonald's fries even made of potatoes? Why are there 17 ingredients in its fries? The fast-food giant lifted the veil on its fry production line and ingredient list Tuesday to dispel myths about one of its most popular items in two new videos. The fry tour is the latest in a series of segments with former MythBusters star Grant Imahara aimed at addressing rumors about the quality of its food and improving transparency as it struggles to turn around its U.S. business.
Potato growers across Australia could soon be provided a formula that tells them the perfect level of phosphorous needed for best yields and healthier soil. That's the aim of a $400,000 study run by Potatoes South Australia, which is hoping a new and more accurate phosphorous test could refine farmers' nutrient regimes. The Diffuse Gradient in Thin-films (DGT) test, developed by the University of Adelaide, has already been successfully applied in wheat, canola, barley and pea industries.
The Potato Council should shift its funding emphasis from research and development to more promotion, NFU Scotland has said. The union was responding to a meeting about the Potato Council’s draft business plan, which includes a proposal to raise the statutory levy on growers and packers. It said that new promotional work highlighting the nutritional and health benefits of potatoes could be delivered through the Potato Council’s existing ‘One Voice’ campaign.
To strengthen potato research, Punjab will set up a Centre of Excellence for Potato in Jalandhar (potato belt) in collaboration with The Netherlands, Shimla-based Central Potato Research Institute and Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, with a project cost of Rs 8 crore. Spread over 50 acres, the proposed centre would be fully operational in the next six-eight months and likely to prove as a milestone for the development of quality cultivation of potato in the state.
China setzt bei der Ernährung seiner Bevölkerung voll auf die Kartoffel. Die Knolle soll neben Reis, Weizen und Mais zum Grundnahrungsmittel der 1,3 Milliarden Menschen werden. Für den auf Kartoffelerntemaschinen spezialisierten Hersteller Grimme aus Damme im Osnabrücker Land könnte das Land nun zum Boom-Markt werden.
Nearly 1,800 people are expected to attend the Washington Oregon Potato Conference Jan. 27-29 in Kennewick, Wash. The Washington-Oregon Potato Conference offers updates from state and national agencies, researchers. USDA Agricultural Research Service researcher Stewart Gray and University of Idaho researcher Alex Karasev will present the latest research and developments with potato virus Y, potato mop top virus and tobacco rattle virus that can cause damage in potato tubers, said Andy Jensen, manager of the Northwest Potato Research Consortium and president of the Potato Association of America.
De voorzichtige en niet meer dan kleine oprisping van de markt vorige week lijkt nog geen vervolg te krijgen. De premie voor levering later in het seizoen blijft uiterst beperkt (bijv. € 4,00 per 100 kg voor Innovator levering begin april) wat aangeeft dat er weinig verwachting is op hogere marktprijzen tegen die tijd.
As a potato grower, if two of your New Year’s resolutions were to expand your potato operation and to travel more — consider the South Pacific island of Fiji for your potato expansion. The Fiji Trade Commissioner Jay Singh had a booth at the Potato Expo looking for potato growers to come grow potatoes in Fiji.
Potato chips remain the favorite snack in Australia, according to Roy Morgan Research. The data from the company shows that Australians’ tastes tend to favor savory over sweet. Potato chips are the snack of choice for men more than women, especially for consumers in their teens. In an average seven-day period, 41 per cent of consumers snack on potato chips, 37 per cent snack on nuts, and 32 per cent snack on savory biscuits/crackers. But, while these salty treats are the nation’s undisputed favorites, sweet snacks outnumber them when we consider the top 15 snacks enjoyed by Aussies 14+.
The advocate for the economic well-being of U.S. potato growers on federal legislative, regulatory, environmental, and trade issues, the National Potato Council after many years of hard work and dedication finally got the potato back on the approved list for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children or WIC. Believe it or not, all fresh fruits and vegetables except the potato had been included in the WIC program. NPC First Vice President and Vice President of Legislative and Government Affairs Committee James Tiede shares more.
Potato Processor McCain Foods Belgium plans to shut down its production of potato specialties in Grobbendonk early 2016. The production will be transferred to Leuze-en-Heinaut to a factory of McCain subsidiary Lutosa. This was reported to the Grobbendonk staff last Friday during a special staff meeting. "This decision potentially impacts 92 workers and 31 employees," according to a McCain statement.
THE multi-million pound potato industry in Essex could collapse because of a sudden blockade on exports to the Canary Islands. The county's growers send about 30,000 tonnes of Essex potatoes, believed to be roughly 90 per cent of their stock, to the Spanish holiday islands every year.
Following the holiday season, prices in the Idaho potato market remain strong. “We are very encouraged by the positive market so far this year,” explains Frank Muir, President of the Idaho Potato Commission. Although Idaho’s shipping pace is ahead of last year, delays by the longshoremen’s union have created a hold up on international exports. “A strike has not been declared, but junior workers with less experience are handling all shipments. There is no hurry and shipments are slowing down.” West coast shipping problems have been happening for several months and are causing a big impact on the US market.
By all accounts, Potato Expo 2015 held recently in Orlando was a huge success. The largest gathering of the U.S. potato industry drew over 1,900 attendees and 160 exhibitors. The Potato Expo offered educational programming covering the top issues facing the potato industry. Corrie and Tom Enander from Grenora, N.D., took home the National Potato Council’s Seed Grower of the Year Award.
Techneat Engineering will use next week's LAMMA 2015 agricultural equipment show to unveil its new pulsed UV light system for cleansing seed potatoes and fresh produce. The patented technology concentrates UV energy into a flash lasting fractions of a millisecond, at a wavelength which terminally disrupts the DNA and cell structure of pathogens. Researchers at the Potato Council's Sutton Bridge research centre have said the technique can potentially tackle both bacterial and fungal diseases, including blackleg, silver scurf, black dot and other skin diseases.
The Ministry of Agriculture’s move to make potatoes an increasingly important staple in Chinese kitchens, including the propagation of recipes that rely on the humble tuber, at first glance might appear slightly odd and surprising. The potato has been an important part of the Chinese diet for at least four centuries, since its introduction to the country by Portuguese traders in the 1600s, but cereals such as rice, wheat, and corn remain the main carbohydrates consumed in Chinese households. To safeguard current domestic cereal production and achieve sustainable agricultural development, adding the potato as a staple could potentially end cultivation of other food crops on land that is blighted by medium-to-heavy pollution. According to a Chinese study, in China the minimum water requirement for potato is only 350mm, whereas rice and wheat are 500mm and 450mm respectively. Therefore, this makes the potato an ideal rain-fed crop to grow in the north and west, where annual precipitation is around 350mm.




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