The potato famine drove millions of Irish to starvation and across the Atlantic to America. Now, the American Irish can help to make the Irish potato the saviour of African farmers. Ireland and the United States will collaborate in a historic programme in Africa to make potato the great hunger-buster for small farmers. By 2020, one million potato farmers (equal to the number of Irish farmers in 1847) will be assisted through this programme to lift their communities out of hunger and poverty.
A potato chip business owned by one of the country's biggest potato farmers has been placed into administration. Potato Magic Australia, at Griffith in south-west New South Wales, was established by Paul Rennie, who farms north of the city at Hillston. Administrator PPB Advisory says the Griffith site has suffered a period of financial losses and it's now trying to find a buyer for the business.
Potatoes and onions are commodities that are most frequently imported and consumed in Namibia. They also have the greatest potential for increased domestic production for import substitution. In order to stimulate potato and onion production in Namibia, and to promote sales of Namibian produced potatoes and onions, the Namibia Agronomic Board (NAB), encouraged by the Potato and Onion Industry, introduced the Potato and Onion Scheme.
The General Secretary of UPA-Granada, Nicolás Chica, has denounced the massive losses that potato producers will have to face with the harvest in full swing, due to the "abusive" policies of distribution companies. In a statement, Chica estimated the losses that each producer will suffer at 25,000 Euro, after a big drop in prices caused by the introduction into the market of potatoes from non-European countries.
De export van Nederlandse consumptie- en industrieaardappelen behoudt zijn achterstand op vorig seizoen. Zonder het Verenigd Koninkrijk kwam de achterstand uit onder de 2 procent, maar nu de Britten wel een rol spelen loopt die op tot 21,1 procent, zo blijkt uit de cijfers van de Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO).
In the port of Novorossiysk, representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor (the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance) detected a quarantine pest in another batch of Egyptian potatoes. The phytosanitary inspection, carried out by Rosselkhoznadzor state inspectors for Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea on 15 July 2014, blocked the shipment, weighing a total of 137.5 tonnes.
The Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet (ECC) on Thursday approved the summary of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research for extension in date for the permission for the import of potatoes with zero duty. The ECC here under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar was also allowed the import of 100,000 metric tons of potatoes in addition to already approved 200,000 metric tons at zero duties; this extension will continue till November 15, 2014 when the new crop is expected.
New sales figures from the United States indicate that when it comes to bagged fresh potatoes, smaller package sizes are starting to sell big. Sales of bagged fresh potatoes under four pounds are up 17.8 percent from a year ago and a staggering 112 percent in the past ten years, according to data from AC Nielson Fresh Facts. “These new figures illustrate why retailers need to re-think their bagged fresh potato merchandising strategies with a greater emphasis on smaller package sizes.” says John Pope of Houston-based MountainKing Potatoes.
The Department of Food Safety, Ministry of Health said they had not found carcinogens like acrylamide and PAHs in samples of snacks and KFC potato chips collected in Hanoi. The test was conducted after the Health Ministry received a warning from the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) on the discovery of a carcinogen called acrylamide which was found in snacks, coffee, potato chips, burnt toast, crisps and some fast food for kids.
Gunstige weersomstandigheden hebben in de afgelopen twee weken de vroege aardappelen op de akkers in Oekraïne snel laten groeien, meldt de Duitse Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (AMI) op haar website.
Andrew Stilwell of distributor Bartholomews looks after a large area of potatoes and of that area he reckons that 60 to 70% are processing varieties prone to Alternaria infection. “It seems to have got worse in the last two years. Alternaria manifests itself later on in the season and we try to integrate blight fungicides with a mancozeb component in a protectant situation early on in the programme, in order to keep this disease at bay. But you really need at least 1500 gms a.i./ha to be effective."
OxiPhos, a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide, is used to protect potatoes from pathogens such as Bacterial Soft Rot, Early Blight, Fusarium Tuber Rot, Silver Scurf, Pink Rot and Late Blight Tuber Rot. OxiPhos is a green chemistry composed of phosphorous acid and activated peroxide that is proven to yield powerful results. HOLDit, a deposition aid, strengthens the performance of BioSafe’s peroxygen chemistries by creating a residual to allow a lengthier contact and kill time.
Leaders with the National Potato Council have taken a stance in favor of biotechnology, and U.S. Potato Board leaders are scheduled to vote on the issue soon. The National Potato Council’s board of directors has officially endorsed the safety and usefulness of genetically modified technology, as well as voluntary labeling of GMO products. But unofficially, industry leaders retain concerns about how companies advancing GMO potatoes, such as J.R. Simplot, will segregate their biotech tubers and how foreign markets will react.
Kartoffelkäfer vermehren sich rasend schnell und können innerhalb kürzester Zeit ganze Felder kahl fressen. Kaum ein Schädling ist so gut dokumentiert - ein Überblick über einen Kampf, der seit mehr als 150 Jahren andauert.
State crop growers are invited to this year's Potato Field Day at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Hancock Agricultural Research Station. The event takes place July 22 from 12:30 to 5:00 p.m. Attendees will get an update on UW-Madison research on potato genomics, disease, weed and pest management, crop nutrition and related topics. A presentation on the use of remote sensing technology and unmanned aerial vehicles in ag research and precision farming will also be held.
Sealord is set to name the former managing director of McCain Foods in Australia and New Zealand as its new CEO, sources told Undercurrent News. Steve Yung, who worked in a variety of roles for McCain Foods, the world’s largest producer of French fries, is set to be announced as CEO next week, sources told Undercurrent. Sealord, which is 50% owned by Maori seafood holding company Aotearoa Fisheries Limited (AFL) and 50% by Japanese seafood giant Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui), has a history of hiring CEOs from outside of the seafood sector.
For the second year in a row, Manitoba had the biggest drop-off in potato planting in the country, Statistics Canada said today. The agency said Manitoba farmers reported seeding only 63,384 acres of spuds in 2014. That’s down 9.4 per cent from the 70,000 acres seeded in 2013.
Chris Voigt, executive director of the Washington State Potato Commission, Moses Lake, is the focal point of a Republican primary election controversy involving the race between Clint Didier and his opponent Dan Newhouse. In the midst of the contest for a U.S. House of Representative seat in central Washington which will culminate in an Aug. 5 primary election, Voigt’s involvement on Newhouse’s behalf came into question.
Alweer een jaar geleden, in juli 2013, sloot Rusland de grenzen voor pootgoed en consumptieaardappelen uit de EU. Voor de export van pootaardappelen in het seizoen 2013/2014 is een tijdelijke oplossing gevonden, maar Europese consumptie-aardappelen mogen nog altijd Rusland niet in.
Die Hochwälder Kartoffeltage sind in diesem Jahr vom 11. bis 26. Oktober. Daher möchte die Veranstaltergemeinschaft neben kulinarischen Angeboten in der Gastronomie auch Produkte bewerben, die in Zusammenhang mit der Kartoffel stehen. Bäckereien, Brennereien und Metzgereien, die Kartoffelprodukte wie Kartoffelbrot, -schnaps oder -wurst anbieten, werden aufgerufen, diese bis Freitag, 8. August, in der Tourist-information in Hermeskeil zu melden. Die Produkte werden in der Broschüre zu den Hochwälder Kartoffeltagen aufgelistet und veröffentlicht. (
David Thompson, President & CEO, World Potato Congress Inc. (WPC Inc.) announced the appointment of Mr. Ron Gall, New Zealand; Dr. Nora Olsen, USA; and Anne Fowlie, Canada; as members of the Board of Directors, on July 17. The three eminent individuals are recognized world-wide for their contributions to the development and growth of the global potato industry. Their appointment was approved by the WPC Inc. Board of Directors during the annual meeting of the Board recently.
Just as the human body needs vitamins to strengthen its immune system and provide nourishment, plants need sustenance to boost their abilities to fight infection. Aymeric Goyer, a plant scientist at the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center, and graduate student Amber Vinchesi are conducting a trial to see if spraying vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, on potato plants will strengthen their immune system and increase their ability to fight diseases such as Zebra Chip and Potato Virus Y. (Source:
About 200 potato growers, advisors and agronomists met at QV Foods, Holbeach Hurn, to discuss the future of the industry. Neil Bidwell, senior agricultural business consultant at Bidwells, said: “In my experience, the grower who makes money from his potato crop is the guy who lives and breathes potatoes. “He thinks like a potato plant, by looking at the weather and working out how his potatoes are feeling in the field that day because of those conditions.
Volgens AHDB – Potato Council zijn er dit jaar in Groot-Brittannië 119.900 ha aardappelen gepoot tegen 122.400 ha in 2013 (-2,1%). Dat blijkt uit het aardappelweekbericht van Fiwap over de West-Europese aardappelteelt.
Late blight was found in Michigan potatoes July 15, 2014. Conditions remain conducive for late blight in irrigated potato crops. The isolates from Montcalm County have been confirmed as US-23 by GPI isomerase testing. Mating type and ridomil sensitivity are underway.
Belarusian scientists named their fragrant and sweet potato drink "Mikola". They say there is nothing like it in the world market. Olga Koloskova, Researcher of the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Foodstuffs, Ph.D.: "Potatoes are boiled under pressure. They turn into a semi-liquid mass similar to mashed potatoes, but a little more liquid. The resulting mass is clarified, and then it is evaporated and concentrated."
Due to the recall of much of the chlorothalonil supply for 2014, potato growers have a dilemma about what to base their late blight control programs on. Michigan State University Extension reports that many growers have turned to Elixir fungicide (mancozeb + chlorothalonil, 62.5 +12.5 percent, respectively from United Phosphorus) as the base control for potato late blight.
Scarborough-based McCain Foods is looking for a new agency for its advertising account, as part of a £20 million review. Agencies are being invited to pitch through the London office of Roth Observatory International, though the marketing department of McCain UK is based in York. In a statement this morning to Campaign, McCain said it was holding a review “in light of the changing nature of its needs from an agency partner.“
New statutory product label changes to Chlorpropham (CIPC) were announced by the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group at Potato Council’s 50 Years of Storage event at Sutton Bridge. Around 94 per cent of UK post-harvest treatments use CIPC, which is applied to around 3.5million tonnes of potatoes stored each year in around 2,500 stores by around 1,000 growers.
After eight years as in-house counsel at McCain Foods Ltd., Tyler Langdon has left the company to establish an Atlantic Canadian presence for alternative legal services provider Cognition LLP. Langdon, based in Simonds, New Brunswick, left McCain effective July 1. He and his wife Andrea Langdon, who was in-house counsel at Barrett Corp. and Xplornet, will operate the Cognition eastern affiliate.
Spain's early potato production will grow by 18.5% this year compared to 2013, reaching 360,700 tonnes, while mid-season volumes will drop by 5.6%, down to 962,600 tonnes. For their part, the latest data on agricultural production and acreage supplied by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) state that the harvest of the "rec. 1-i/31-v" tomato variety will increase by 7.6%, reaching 1,104,900 tonnes.
De termijnmarkt leek aan het begin van week 29 even wat stemming te laten zien met het oog op het weerbericht dat later in de week temperaturen aangeeft van ca. 30°C. Na een opening op 9,90 euro werd vlot de 10,00 euro aangetikt en het aanbod verhandeld, maar naar hogere niveaus zat er maandag niet in. De aardappelmarkt opereert in een stille omgeving, waarbij zowel de teelt als de handel de tijd nog niet rijp achten om meer tot handelen over te gaan.
Extreme heat throughout Idaho to start July has raised concerns from some potato and onion growers. Idaho farmers are worried prolonged above-normal temperatures may have stressed or damaged certain crops, especially onion fields already weakened by iris yellow spot virus and Russet Burbank potatoes.
Nyandarua county will benefit from a multimillion-shilling potato project that will involve large-scale production, processing and marketing. The International Potato Center and Deutsche Gesellschaft Internationale will undertake the project. The two firms have a similar one in Nigeria. They will partner with the National Potato Council of Kenya and other stakeholders to implement the project.
As part of its ongoing business strategy to grow the company's international presence, ConAgra Foods, Inc., announced that it has acquired TaiMei Potato Industry Limited, a potato processor in Shangdu, Inner Mongolia. This acquisition expands ConAgra Foods' Lamb Weston operations in a market that has growing demand for frozen potato products. Lamb Weston makes a variety of frozen potato, sweet potato and other vegetable products for restaurants, retailers and foodservice operators in more than 100 countries around the world.
Kartoffeln stehen vor einem „Kampf um Relevanz“, warnt der „Potato Council“ (Kartoffelrat), da die Verkäufe in einem Jahr um mehr als 8% fallen. Die britischen Verbraucher kommen Berichten zufolge von Kartoffeln ab, was zum Teil an dem zunehmenden Gefallen an Reisgerichten und Fajitas liegt, zeigen neue Zahlen. Der Trend ist für den „Potato Council“, der Erzeuger vertritt, besorgniserregend und er warnte, dass die Einkäufer auf andere Grundnahrungsmittel umsteigen oder kleinere Einzelhandelspackungen und kleinere Salatkartoffeln kaufen.
De oogst van de vroege aardappelen is in Andalusië en Cartagena binnen. De pakhuizen ontvangen nu kleinere volumes uit Badajoz en Antequera in afwachting van de oogst in Noord-Spanje. In Salamanca en Valladolid is de oogst al begonnen en worden aardappelen van een goede kwaliteit verwacht, die een betere prijs zullen krijgen. De prijzen voor de Spaanse aardappelen vallen tegen. De vroege rassen kwamen op een markt met dalende prijzen en brachten tussen de 12 en 20 cent per kilo op de binnenlandse markt en 14 tot 30 cent per kilo op exportmarkten op. De verwachtingen voor de aardappelen uit Noord-Spanje zijn beter.
Chris Voigt is the target of a political campaign accusation. The Moses Lake resident and Washington State Potato Commission executive director is accused of using commission resources to support U.S. congressional candidate Dan Newhouse. It has led to an investigation by the Washington State Executive Ethics Board to determine if Voigt’s actions on behalf of Newhouse’s campaign used state tax funded resources.
The Potato Council’s biennial seed strategy conference, “From seed to ware”, widens its appeal for the whole supply chain this autumn. The one-day industry event on November 25 2014 has been ‘refocused’ to appeal to the whole industry, organisers say. Held at the Crieff Hydro Hotel, Perthshire, this year’s Seed Industry Event will look at key issues from seed certification and emerging overseas markets through to supply for processing and retail. The programme has been designed to appeal to industry right through the supply chain.
Al sinds 1930 is aardappel- en uiengroothandel G.C. van Egmond gevestigd in Amsterdam. Adri van Egmond is de derde generatie die aan het bedrijf verbonden is. Of ook de volgende generatie nog aan het roer van de groothandel zal staan, is nog maar zeer de vraag, beseft de handelaar. "Voor groothandels is het gewoon een moeilijk verhaal. Grote partijen willen direct zaken doen met de teler en dan mogen wij nog fungeren als pakbedrijf, maar daar hebben wij nooit voor gekozen." Toch stemt deze tendens de groothandelaar niet somber: "Maar je moet op tijd de bakens verzetten."
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