After a decade of declining domestic demand, North America’s potato industry may have a reason to feel hopeful. Kevin MacIsaac, United Potato Growers of Canada general manager, said North American processors exported near record amounts of frozen potatoes to Asia this spring. “There have been some interesting things happening in the frozen market in the last two or three months,” MacIsaac said from his office in Charlottetown, P.E.I., following potato industry summer meetings held on the island in mid-July.
De vraag naar vastkokende rassen op de Britse versmarkt neemt toe en het aanbod is voldoende. Ook de vraag naar fritesgeschikte rassen neemt toe, waardoor de prijzen stabiliseren. De markt van de verwerking is levendiger ; prijzen van 8,00 à 9,50 €/qt (Amora, Première, Accord) tot 12,50 €/qt voor Maris Piper.
Research capacity in Alberta’s potato industry will be significantly enhanced due to a $1 million investment in the University of Lethbridge by a consortium of association and industry partners. The U of L will receive the funds over five years from the Potato Growers of Alberta, McCain Foods, ConAgra Lamb Weston and Cavendish Farms to establish a chair in potato science. “Growers and processors identified a need to expand research in this critical field,” says Terence Hochstein, the PGA’s executive director. “There are only a handful of researchers dedicated to the discipline throughout Western Canada, and we expect this new chair will greatly enhance and complement the current capacity that exists.” The university will immediately begin its search for a scientist with demonstrated experience in the potato industry. As well, the U of L will be seeking a researcher who is able to collaborate with producers and industry partners.
A decline in overall potato consumption has Texas A&M AgriLife Research breeders working on “designer” spuds that meet the time constraints and unique tastes of a younger generation. Dr. Creighton Miller, AgriLife Research potato breeder from College Station, recently conducted the Texas A&M Potato Breeding and Variety Development Program field day at the farm of cooperator Bruce Barrett south of Springlake. “So what we are doing now is developing unique varieties that have a tendency to appeal to the younger set with high income who are willing to try something different,” he said. “This has contributed to an increase in consumption of these types over the russets, which are still the standard.”
Het is een lastig seizoen. Niet alleen voor aardappeltelers, maar ook voor de handel. Twee bedrijven stoppen daarom noodgedwongen met hun sorteer- en pakactiviteiten. De Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO) betreurt dit, maar heeft vooralsnog geen signalen dat er meer bedrijven in hetzelfde schuitje zitten. Directeur Rene van Diepen van de NAO vindt het jammer dat er in korte tijd twee aardappelhandelsbedrijven hun activiteiten staken.
The seventh district court, based in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, decided to suspend potato imports from the United States of America, based on the in dubio pro natura principle. The National Confederation of Potato Producers (CONPAPA) said in a statement that the judge José Francisco Pérez Mier had decided to definitively suspend the imports of potatoes, which were affecting Mexican crops and land, as a precaution and to prevent damages to the nation's natural resources. The judge's ruling made "the risk mitigation measures for the importation of potatoes to the United Mexican States," published in the Official Gazette on March 19, 2014, and issued by SAGARPA, void.
Atlantic Grupa has recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement concerning the segment of salty snacks production with and Kanaan, a food products producer and trader from Donji Miholjac, Croatia. Within its strategic business unit “Snacks”, the company is expanding its assortment of salty snacks with a range of potato chips products under a new brand Chipsos. With the latest move Atlantic Grupa is establishing itself as a significant player in the potato chips market of Southeast Europe.
"After a new potato campaign characterised by oversupply, the potato campaign is also looking bleak," explains Domenico Citterio. The entrepreneur says that "in Campania and Apulia, we even decided to interrupt operations because of the lack of demand. We cannot even quantify how much of the produce won't be harvested. Northern Italy is at a standstill too."
As part of its ongoing business strategy to grow the company’s international presence, ConAgra Foods, Inc., announces that it has acquired TaiMei Potato Industry Limited, a potato processor in Shangdu, Inner Mongolia. This acquisition expands ConAgra Foods’ Lamb Weston operations in a market that has growing demand for frozen potato products. “We’ve been doing business in China and throughout Asia for more than 25 years, leading the way in market development and expansion,” says Greg Schlafer, president Lamb Weston. “TaiMei is ConAgra Foods’ first potato processing facility in China, and we are confident they’ll help to accelerate our strong growth in Asia.”
Ein einzigartiges Informationsangebot „rund um die Kartoffel“ erwartet die Besucher der PotatoEurope am 3. und 4. September 2014 auf dem Rittergut Bockerode in Springe-Mittelrode bei Hannover. Auf dieser internationalen Spitzenveranstaltung erhalten die Kartoffelprofis wichtige Orientierung über alle Fragen aus den Bereichen Züchtung, Technik für die Produktion und die Verarbeitung sowie Düngung, Pflanzenschutz und das Kartoffelbaumanagement.
PepsiCo Inc. said Wednesday that its profit fell by 2 per cent on restructuring charges in its second quarter, but that sales volume ticked up for its snacks and drinks. In its Frito-Lay North America division, PepsiCo said revenue was up 2 per cent on stronger volume. In a phone interview, Chief Financial Officer Hugh Johnston said the company didn’t raise prices on snacks during the period. But he noted that the new Lay’s potato chips flavours that are currently rolling out will be more profitable for the company. That’s because bags of such special flavours typically have slightly fewer chips in them, even though they cost the same as regular flavours.
The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute and CAFRE, Greenmount Campus has issued a further potato blight warning. Infection periods have been recorded between 10th and 23rd July at sites across Northern Ireland. The current warm, humid weather will encourage rapid development and spread of blight so growers are advised to protect their crops with approved fungicides at the intervals recommended for high risk conditions. More information on controlling blight and on current blight risk is available from DARD Blight-Net via the DARD website.
As potato prices plummet and many sell their crops for a loss, some farmers are planting peas instead. "This is our first year planting peas. It's kind of an experiment for us,” said Logan Hamilton, a Ririe farmer. Hamilton planted around 110 acres of peas earlier this year – initially as a rotation crop. "We'll go where the profit takes us. If it's more profitable to plant peas than potatoes, I mean, it's a good crop rotation it seems like ... why not?” said Hamilton. While peas are more commonly grown in northern and central Idaho, farmers say they aren't new to eastern Idaho.
Australian potato chip manufacturer Potato Magic Australia has been placed into administration. The Griffith company supplies potato chips to diet food providers. PPB Advisory has taken over administration of the company, ABC News has reported. The administrator is seeking a buyer for the business.
Farm Frites heeft de ontwikkeling van een nieuw te bouwen fabriek in Rusland on hold gezet. Reden daarvoor is de boycot van banken die door de Europese Unie is opgelegd na de vliegramp in het Oosten van Oekraïne. De engineeringfase was net afgerond en aardappelverwerker Farm Frites stond op het punt met banken te gaan praten over de financiering van de fabriek.
Potato Council has been working to raise the profile of potatoes amongst Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), promoting their health and sustainability credentials and creating awareness of the significant contribution they make to the Scottish economy. As a result, a Members’ Debate on potatoes took place in Scottish Parliament recently. Following several meetings with Potato Council, Claire Baker MSP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment tabled a motion on the success of the Scottish potato industry at home and abroad. It covered the contribution potatoes make to the economy and the importance of British seed potatoes, 80 per cent of which are grown in Scotland.
Potato farmers have been negotiating with McCain Foods regarding a takeover of the Safries processing plant near Penola. Until now farmers had been transporting their harvested potatoes to McCain's Ballarat plant 300km away, with the company footing the bill, after the Penola plant closed late last year. McCain Foods can't take all the farmers' potatoes at once so the farmers are looking to take control of the Penola plant to use it for storage.
Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) was the topic of the afternoon at this new technical event held this July at the family farm of John Reid at Newmill of Balgavies, near Forfar. PCN was identified as one of the top five issues facing the industry as a whole during Potato Council’s 2013 “Direction through Dialogue” discussions throughout 2013. Welcoming the large audience of growers and industry to the event, Alistair Redpath, Chief Executive of PseedCo, leading seed growers and member of the QV group gave a sobering overview of the threat of ‘PCN creep’ to our industry.
Die Kartoffelbauern bangen wegen des Drahtwurms um ihre Ernte. Der größte Verarbeiter, Lamb Weston, rechnet mit höherer Ausbeute. Sonst wird im Ausland zugekauft. Zitterpartie bei Niederösterreichs Kartoffelbauern: Der Drahtwurm könnte die heurige Ernte ziemlich reduzieren. "Noch sind die Kartoffeln unter der Erde", sagt Harald Schaller, Referent in der Landwirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich zum WirtschaftsBlatt: "Doch wir sind gespannt, wie stark sich der Schädling auswirken wird."Besonders bei den Bauern, deren Existenz von der Kartoffelernte abhängt, liegen die Nerven blank.
Neiker-Tecnalia is currently conducting research into the potato genes that best adapt to the anticipated climate change conditions, characterised by a reduction in rainfall and increased extremes of hot and cold temperatures.The aim is to identify the most resistant genes in order to create new potato varieties that will adapt optimally to future climate conditions.The research is also seeking to find out how the current potato varieties will behave in a situation of greater drought and higher and lower temperatures.
Het programma voor Aardappeldemodag 2014 is bekend. Het belooft wederom een interessante en actieve dag te worden. Doorlopend zijn er demonstraties van rooien, vervoer, verladen, maatscheiden en aardappel- en kistenreiniging. Daarnaast kunt u alle noviteiten op gebied van mechanisatie opdoen.
While local farmers are dealing with a recent report of disease in a local potato crop, they are joining researchers to figure out how to engineer the spuds to avoid such problems. It's serious business in Portage County, where more than a quarter of all Wisconsin potatoes are grown. University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and other experts talked about those disease issues Tuesday during Potato Field Day at the Hancock Agricultural Research Station, a 412-acre vegetable crop study farm in central Wisconsin.
The potato famine drove millions of Irish to starvation and across the Atlantic to America. Now, the American Irish can help to make the Irish potato the saviour of African farmers. Ireland and the United States will collaborate in a historic programme in Africa to make potato the great hunger-buster for small farmers. By 2020, one million potato farmers (equal to the number of Irish farmers in 1847) will be assisted through this programme to lift their communities out of hunger and poverty.
A potato chip business owned by one of the country's biggest potato farmers has been placed into administration. Potato Magic Australia, at Griffith in south-west New South Wales, was established by Paul Rennie, who farms north of the city at Hillston. Administrator PPB Advisory says the Griffith site has suffered a period of financial losses and it's now trying to find a buyer for the business.
Potatoes and onions are commodities that are most frequently imported and consumed in Namibia. They also have the greatest potential for increased domestic production for import substitution. In order to stimulate potato and onion production in Namibia, and to promote sales of Namibian produced potatoes and onions, the Namibia Agronomic Board (NAB), encouraged by the Potato and Onion Industry, introduced the Potato and Onion Scheme.
The General Secretary of UPA-Granada, Nicolás Chica, has denounced the massive losses that potato producers will have to face with the harvest in full swing, due to the "abusive" policies of distribution companies. In a statement, Chica estimated the losses that each producer will suffer at 25,000 Euro, after a big drop in prices caused by the introduction into the market of potatoes from non-European countries.
De export van Nederlandse consumptie- en industrieaardappelen behoudt zijn achterstand op vorig seizoen. Zonder het Verenigd Koninkrijk kwam de achterstand uit onder de 2 procent, maar nu de Britten wel een rol spelen loopt die op tot 21,1 procent, zo blijkt uit de cijfers van de Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO).
In the port of Novorossiysk, representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor (the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance) detected a quarantine pest in another batch of Egyptian potatoes. The phytosanitary inspection, carried out by Rosselkhoznadzor state inspectors for Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea on 15 July 2014, blocked the shipment, weighing a total of 137.5 tonnes.
The Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet (ECC) on Thursday approved the summary of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research for extension in date for the permission for the import of potatoes with zero duty. The ECC here under the chairmanship of Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar was also allowed the import of 100,000 metric tons of potatoes in addition to already approved 200,000 metric tons at zero duties; this extension will continue till November 15, 2014 when the new crop is expected.
New sales figures from the United States indicate that when it comes to bagged fresh potatoes, smaller package sizes are starting to sell big. Sales of bagged fresh potatoes under four pounds are up 17.8 percent from a year ago and a staggering 112 percent in the past ten years, according to data from AC Nielson Fresh Facts. “These new figures illustrate why retailers need to re-think their bagged fresh potato merchandising strategies with a greater emphasis on smaller package sizes.” says John Pope of Houston-based MountainKing Potatoes.
The Department of Food Safety, Ministry of Health said they had not found carcinogens like acrylamide and PAHs in samples of snacks and KFC potato chips collected in Hanoi. The test was conducted after the Health Ministry received a warning from the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) on the discovery of a carcinogen called acrylamide which was found in snacks, coffee, potato chips, burnt toast, crisps and some fast food for kids.
Gunstige weersomstandigheden hebben in de afgelopen twee weken de vroege aardappelen op de akkers in Oekraïne snel laten groeien, meldt de Duitse Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (AMI) op haar website.
Andrew Stilwell of distributor Bartholomews looks after a large area of potatoes and of that area he reckons that 60 to 70% are processing varieties prone to Alternaria infection. “It seems to have got worse in the last two years. Alternaria manifests itself later on in the season and we try to integrate blight fungicides with a mancozeb component in a protectant situation early on in the programme, in order to keep this disease at bay. But you really need at least 1500 gms a.i./ha to be effective."
OxiPhos, a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide, is used to protect potatoes from pathogens such as Bacterial Soft Rot, Early Blight, Fusarium Tuber Rot, Silver Scurf, Pink Rot and Late Blight Tuber Rot. OxiPhos is a green chemistry composed of phosphorous acid and activated peroxide that is proven to yield powerful results. HOLDit, a deposition aid, strengthens the performance of BioSafe’s peroxygen chemistries by creating a residual to allow a lengthier contact and kill time.
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