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From processors to packers, retailers to snackers. The breeding of potato varieties benefits from the insights of all. Since 1999 we have involved our partners in our R&D process. It has resulted in continuous innovation. Durable solutions. New and future-proof varieties.


We're always open for new ideas and challenges. From the desert to the tropics: we aim to prove it is possible to grow potatoes anywhere.


Robert Graveland, director HZPC Research

“We believe that every person has a right to healthy nutritious food. Food that is responsibly grown and future-proof. Suited for the different usages, climates and growing conditions around the world.”


State of the art competence level

Our industry has the potential to grow steady, strong, healthy and to remain futureproof. Our specialists apply the latest know-how and technologies. Always.

The research groups Quality, Plant Pathology, Cell Biology are supported by collegues in Biometrics, Quantitative Genetics and Bioinformatics.

Our breeders and affiliated growers test the new variaties on trial fields all over Europe, North Afric, West Asia and North America. Together, we keep our portfolio strong, healthy and ready for the future.


New breeding techniques

Our breeding is increasingly targeted with the use of genetic material, linked to a particular characteristic. These molecular markers allow us to make quick decisions on properties like disease resistance, processing quality. Able to instantly see when a property has been crossed, we can increase the speed wich we can bring together genetic variation and produce better varieties.





To maintain our leading position, HZPC closely follows all new breeding methods and techniques. That is why hybridisation is of interest to our researchers. Hybridisations means to create inbred lines that are used as Parant in dipliod cross breeding. The seeds from this hybrid constitute the variety. The emphasis is on creating the right Parent combinations, instead of taking a lot of individual clones and tuber progenies. Hybrid seed could revolutionise potato distribution and cultivation. 



HZPC is ahead of innovation. But we are highly conservative when it comes to the application of transgenic modification. We don't use genetic modification.