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French Fries

Sector French Fries, a global boost

The upcoming and growing economies are bringing a boost to the global French Fries market. Consumption is growing strongly in Asia, the Middle East and South America. We devote a lot of attention to the development of suitable varieties for the production of French fries and have a number of strong varieties in our portfolio, such as Innovator and Ivory Russet.

Our clients with factories in several countries and continents want varieties that can be grown worldwide and produce good results in all different climates. Particularly for the sector French fries, yield security and quality consistency are crucial. New varieties are tested in close cooperation with our clients. Moreover, we are continuously working on growth improvement to obtain the optimal yield at processing.

Local for local
The principle ‘local for local’ is vitally important, which is the reason that our seed potatoes are grown in almost all countries where French fry factories are located. In this way growers can make use of the locally produced seed potatoes.

Varieties developed in the sector French Fries have the right underwater weight and texture as well as a low sugar content. Furthermore, they can be stored for a longer period. Potatoes with these characteristics will produce (long) French fries or other potato specialties.

And of course, in the end it all comes down to the consumer who will enjoy the tasteful, crispy French fries: time and again a celebration.