Financial results 2015/2016 very positive › HZPC

Financial results 2015/2016 very positive


European market recovery and increased licence volumes result in € 7.0 million profit. The record levels of turnover and margin and above average profit indicate a good trade year.

Furthermore, the shareholders meeting of 6 October established the consolidated net turnover of HZPC for financial year 2015/16 at € 289.5 million and the gross margin at € 48.1 million.  The dividend for HZPC-certificates is set at € 5.75, well above the five year average of € 4.60. With these results, HZPC achieves its growth targets, while maintaining the net result.


CEO Gerard Backx: ”We are proud as a company to have achieved our goals with our international team. HZPC benefited from the European market recovery, but also from our efforts on the international markets which resulted in increased licence income at other continents. In the current season 2016/17 we see lower yields in The Netherlands, but not throughout Europe. Demand is expected to be similar to season 2015/16. The trade with the Middle East remains to be challenging and uncertain because of political and economical uncertainties.”


HZPC will publish its annual report on this website end of October 2016.