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New video: preventing harvesting damage


Preventing harvesting damage

Harvest season is on it’s way. Specific attention to prevent damages during the process of harvesting and boxing is of great importance for the quality of our seed potatoes. Damaged tubers are more susceptible to storage diseases and thus increase the risk of contaminated lots.

To make our farmers more aware of the options to prevent damages during harvest HZPC is offering training sessions, meetings and information to increase their knowledge and sharing experience with other growers.

About this video:
Our field manager Menna Hospers visits seed potato grower Jan Maarten Hendrikse in the city Creil in The Netherlands. Jan Maarten explains and demonstrates how he prevents damage during harvesting. Additionally Menna gives tips to detect harvesting damage in time.

The video is available in a version with English subtitling.

Preventing harvesting damage

Preventing harvesting damage